Hydro Protocol

Hydro is an open source framework for building Decentralized Exchanges.

Creating Secure and Intuitive Decentralized Exchanges

Hydro Protocol is a set of smart contracts used to build non-custodial ERC20 token
exchanges. It’s designed for developers who want to build decentralized exchanges without
having to deal with the complexity of designing, deploying, and securing smart contracts.


Smarter Token Exchange

The Hydro Protocol smart contracts provide fast, simple, and secure non-custodial exchange of ERC20 tokens.


Non-Custodial Trading

Hydro relayers facilitate peer to peer transactions and thus do not hold user assets. Relayers enjoy the peace of mind knowing that one cannot lose what one doesn't have.


Secure and Audited

Hydro Protocol has been audited by a leading third party smart contract security firm, ensuring the security of Hydro.

Competitive Advantage


Liquidity focused

The name "Hydro" emphasizes our core belief that liquidity is vital to the success of decentralized exchange protocols.


Flexible Fee Structure

Hydro relayers can collect fees as a percentage of the tokens being traded (no third party fee tokens required). In addition, Hydro supports discounts, asymetrical fee structures, and maker rebates.


Simple and Powerful

Realtime order creation and cancelation, no front-running and order collision, true market orders, price improvement, and much more.


Interested in building on Hydro Protcol?

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